A creative passion for challenges!

We have been a jewelry creator for more than ten years.

Our main scope is to create jewelry from natural diamonds, enhanced by color, that are processed at our own factory shop by using our best knowledge and know-how in treatment technologies.
To meet our client’s needs and desires we work in close cooperation with leading international designers by creating new designs and styles. Our product range consists of very comprehensive and innovative design pieces combined with our high quality craftwork.
Our history of creating unique high-quality products at highly competitive prices is the key to our success.

The treatment process is similar to natural transformation change which happens in the depths of the earth, since we create the same environment for a diamond stone but under a better controlled process, so we can gain the best possible color from it.
During the treatment the stone is exposed to the high temperature of about 2500°C and a high pressure of 60-90.000 bars. The pressure is needed to enable diamond not to be burned out or destroyed. The result of such a treatment is significant reduction of brownish colour and getting more white or various fancy colors. The essence of this technology is to create a natural volcanic medium by which occurs the initial formation of the diamonds, so under such processes a change in the color of a diamond (clarification) takes place, and it becomes jewelry quality. Our technologies satisfy all the strongest technological and ecological requirements.

There are some facts and advantages to know about the HPHT treatment of diamonds:
The treatment process is secured and the achieved results remain permanent and are irreversible;
There is no visible difference in color, quality or any other attributes compared to the non-treated stones, however the selling price is significantly less;

According to the predictions of the industry leaders the market value of the color enhanced diamond stones will raise;
The Federal Trade Commission requires that any diamond treatment will be disclosed;
The diamond grading Laboratories and Institutions such as (GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL) issue certificates for treated diamonds and make a laser inscription on the stone with the following remarks – “HPHT Processed”, “Treated color” etc.